Siouxland Center for Active Generations

Welcome to Siouxland Center for Active Generations

Welcome to Siouxland Center for Active Generations

Welcome to Siouxland Center for Active GenerationsWelcome to Siouxland Center for Active GenerationsWelcome to Siouxland Center for Active Generations

What Our Members Say About Us

“My Doctor tells me I have to keep coming to Active Generations to work out if I want to keep walking. I say I come because I want to.”  - Clara

“I come for the entertainment. There is always quality entertainment. Really, the Center has everything you could want”  - D. 

“I lose focus when I exercise alone. So I started coming here. I didn’t come for friends. I have plenty of friends. Since I have been at Active Generations, I have made so many new friends. We exercise together, and we laugh together everyday.”  - Deanna

“I come for fun and social fellowship. I enjoy chorus, and have for many years.”- J. 

“Keep taking your medicine and keep moving is what my doctors tell me. I like to move my feet and say I am dancing! If the Center was not here, I would have to stay home!” - T.

“I come for the dancing. All five of my doctors tell me to keep dancing. Every part of my body is broken in some way, but my legs keep dancing. And this is a really nice place to meet people.” - Marcella 

"I have lived in many states since I retired. Everywhere I go I check out the Senior Centers. None compare to the SIouxland Center for Active Generations. I have met many new friends here. The gym is well equipped, and there is a well attended dance every Friday. There are also many interesting card games to learn. This Center Rocks!"   - Terry G.

"I am a seventy-four year old individual whose goal is to maintain my independence, remain healthy, and active. In order to do this, I need a place to go where I can achieve my goals.  The Center offers services and programs to choose from so that I can achieve the following; socialize with friends, eating nutritional meals at a low cost, and exercise in the exercise room or walk laps within the building. I enjoy mind stimulating, informational seminars, watching movies, attending dances, learning about the computer, playing cards, playing bingo, and finding interesting reading material in the Center’s library. In addition, the Center provides a comprehensive, informational news letter called the Sunshine News.  All activities are listed within so that all participants know when and where their activity will take place.  The Center is paramount in keeping the Senior population active, happy, and independent."  -  Jean C. Huff

"I have been a member since June 2017. I took a tour and said, “sign me up.” I joined for exercise and balance classes. I had 2 strokes 3 years ago and I have early onset dementia. Active generations has been a “Godsend”. I love the people I have met. I have never met friendlier people. It is usually hard for me to make friends, but not here. This place has become my home away from home. It is safe and comfortable. I wish is would have joined earlier. This place gives me somewhere to go everyday. I had to learn the bus routes and exercise schedule, but I get out and I go! The staff is so friendly, and the food smells so good. The classes are great. Dixie and Desere let me go at my own pace and they don’t push. The classes have improved my balance and getting out has helped with the depression and my anxiety. Now, my BP is down from 110 to 60 and I have lost 15 pounds. I am losing weight and making friends at the same time! I never had a goal in my life, and now I have a goal to lose weight and to come to the Center everyday." - Walter ("Mike")

"Several years ago in a conversation, a friend asked me if I would consider taking over an art instruction class at the “senior center.”  She knew that I had taught classes at Western Iowa Tech and thought I would be a good fit for the Center. My first reaction was “you’re talking about a place for old people, right?” After several conversations about the Center, I agreed to try it for awhile to see if was something I really wanted to do.  And now I’m happy to say that my initial perception was entirely wrong! Fifteen years later, joining the Siouxland Center for Active Generations was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  What I have found—then and now—are people who are vital and full of life, eager to exercise and stay in shape, people willing to try new things. Many are trying new things for the first time. These are people who have had successful careers, they have raised great families that they take great pride in, and they are now looking forward—not backward—to the next stage in life." - Ron

"I have been a member since 2006. I go to many programs at the Center. I go to grief support, and I really like the talk shows, and the dances.  What brought me to the Center? I lost my husband and son within 3 months of each other. I just lost everything real fast. I went into a really bad place. I was “holed-up” for a long time. Finally, my sis picked me up and said, “You’re going to the Center with me.”  When we got there, she said, I am going to play Scrabble, and you’re going to the dance. I got to the dance and started talking to Ken. Others heard our conversation and joined in. This was the first good time I had in a long time. That day changed my life for me. I continued to go to dances with Ken. He has passed now. I miss my friend. I have made so many friends at the Center. I will be 91 next month." - Grace

"I used to go to the local grocery store and just sit and have coffee. Then, 2 years ago I had knee replacement surgery. I had to go to therapy for a time. After my therapy ended, I started to go to a health club here in town. I was paying a lot of money per month for the membership. Someone told me about Siouxland Center for Active Generations. I found out that I could join and work out for just pennies a day.  Once I started coming, I realized that this is more than a place to work out. I have made countless friends, and now I come every day. Members get a lot more out of this place than people think. There are so many opportunities here. Active Generations has whatever a person wants to do. There really is something for everyone. In fact, I like to tinker, so I fix things all the time around the Center. Being able to volunteer my time doing something I love to do is enjoyable.  I do struggle with diabetes and other medical issues that I am being treated for. All my doctors recommend that I continue to exercise every day. A while back, my doctor found a heart issue, but now it is gone. I think it is because I exercise every day. If I did not have Active Generations, I would probably just be sitting at home. I believe you get what you put in, and I put in exercise every day, and I get better health for it." - Mike